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Using the community page

This page is where advice, issues, ideas etc. can be shared within the wiki. As we progress it is likely we will make decisions on how to record output, select resources, write-up student feedback etc. By placing details here we can have a reference page to use.

Thoughts about these go in the discussion tab 'behind' the page.

Getting Started

Learn/practice some wiki editing skills using the sandbox page.

Links and resources

Anna has started the links and resources page

Evaluating accessibility

Anna has started the evaluating accessibility page

Best practice examples

Anna has started the best practice examples page and has attempted to describe/evaluate the first accessible(ish)OER - feedback would be very welcome!

Suggested pro-forma

Jenny Donald suggested the following review pro-forma to capture information offline ;

Evaluation Criteria Notes/ Comments
What resource was used?

Where was it found? Source data website?

When was it used?

How was it used? At the end of a lesson, during……..

Who was it used with? Learners in the workplace, at the training centre,

What was the feedback?

As a teacher?

From the learners?

Accessibility issues in Jorum

Anna has started a page discussing accessibility issues (aka accessibility "sins") in Jorum.

Testing of accessibility passport

Anna has started a page which pulls together feedback from Accessibility passport testing and the actual feedback can be accessed from Report from Accessibility passport testing